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Spirits Abound: Ghostly Little Tales, a paranormal/horror anthology


Title: Spirits Abound: Ghostly Little Tales

Authors: K.A. Crittenden, H.K. Rowe, Tiffany Piel, Roxanne Solangi

Links: Amazon | Goodreads

The Hitchhiker...Out of luck and out of battery, Madeleine Cooper is too prideful to go back to campus to call for a ride after she misses the last bus out of town. Determined to walk the full distance back to her current home just south of Seaside, Oregon from Astoria, one thing after another goes wrong and she's forced to try thumbing for a ride on a secluded coastal road. Little does Madeleine know that her savior is more than they appear on this dark and stormy night.

In The Ties That Bind... She's drawn to certain places and certain things, and they never fail to lead her somewhere interesting. It's a long drive through a clear night, and there's something waiting at the end, in the dark, biding it's time. It has a story to tell.

In Deathly Ever After... Three young high school girls live out the last day of their torture and murder over and over again. Lanie starts to realize that they have been caught in this nightmare, and she wonders if there's any way she can break free and save her friends.

In Whispers... After two life-altering tragedies, Katie finds herself alone. She returns to her childhood home to make a new start. But she has some unexpected and mysterious intrusions into her life awaiting her.

Available in: ebook and paperback
Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Suspense, Short Stories

Notes about book/series:

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