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Spellbinding | An Anthology of Magic

Authors: Meredith Anderson, Sara Coates, Alyssa Corbett, Rebecca Crunden, Kristina Decker, John Flynn, Kasey Kubica, L.J. LaBarthe, H.K. Rowe
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Summary: Everyone knows magic isn’t real … But what if it was?
Nine tales, each one a snapshot of what happens to those who suddenly find themselves entangled with magic. From the wish that grants one sudden, unimaginable power, to a dark hex upon a wood, to faeries with nefarious intentions and hunters seeking blood, this anthology showcases the intricate web of adventure that comes from messing with magic.
Available in: Kindle and paperback
Genres: anthology, fantasy
Notes about book/series: This was written by a group of us (many of whom are on LJ!) and we're hoping it's going to be the first of many. There's so many good stories in here and I'm so proud of how it turned out! ^_^
Tags: author: alyssa corbett, author: h.k. rowe, author: john flynn, author: kasey kubica, author: kristina decker, author: l. j. labarthe, author: meredith anderson, author: rebecca crunden, author: sara coates, available: kindle, available: paperback, genre: anthology, genre: fantasy, genre: short story, title: spellbinding
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