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City of Spires by Claudie Arseneault

Disclaimer: I'm not the author.

Author: Claudie Arseneault

Links: Amazon, Goodreads (the links go to the first book)

Summary: Isandor, City of Spires.

Bickering merchant families vie for power through eccentric shows of wealth and brutal trading wars. Unspoken rules regulate their battles, but when an idealistic elven lord provokes the powerful Myrian Empire, all bets are off. They are outsiders, unbound by local customs, and no one knows how far they'll take their magic to dominate the city. Nobles and commoners alike must fight to preserve their home, even if the struggle shatters friendships, destroys alliances, and changes them irrevocably.

Available in: paperback, Kindle

Genres: fantasy

Notes about book/series: It's a fantasy saga with a lot of characters, but the author introduces them little by little, so I didn't feel lost getting into it. Plus, there's a character guide at the end of each book.

The characters cover the whole LGBTQIAP+ spectrum and there are mentions of m/m and f/f.
Tags: author: claudie arseneault, available: kindle, available: paperback, genre: fantasy, genre: lgbt+, series: city of spires, title: city of strife
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